Experimental Contributions

Theoretical Contributions

The experiments described in our work are the basis of a theoretical construction which we have called Integronics (C. Guja, 1977).

Some of the ideas were presented in the volumes "Auras of the Bodies" (1993) and "The halo of the Human Body" (2000) and have been developed in a work that is in process of writing, referring to the implications of integronics in the anthropology.The implications in other fields have been indicated in other works given in the bibliography.

We consider that, after presenting the experimental results, it is worth outlining, in a brief way, the theoretical directions of approach, starting from the following landmarks of the integronics theory that we have developed:

  1. The part played by the archetypes, experimentally found, and their arrangement, organization and self-organization;

  2. The laws of the archetypal informational universe;

  3. Circulation of natural archetypal information.

Theoretical directions of approach


- Demonstration of the archetypal structure of the radiating field arround the bodies and of the complexity of the interractions between the bodies has imposed as a hypothesis the conferring of the quality of archetypal information to a new dimension of the existence, a dimension without space or time. This gives us the possibility to report and describe the development of some informational phenomena according to unique laws, regardless their spatial location (S) and temporal location (T) (RST).

The main properties of the RST aspect are the informational potentiality of structuring and the capacity of becoming complex, given by the environment in which a lot of permanently interacting systems coexist. The measurement units in this universe are the archetypal shapes which are free from their locations in space and time. They play the part of the letters in a natural alphabet of shapes belonging to an encoded informational archetypal language which observes the rules of an archetypal grammar. Decoding those languages indicates the degree of order, structuring and complexity of the systems under study, describing self-organization processes.

Understanding the archetypal structure of the world, to which we associate the conclusions concerning the function and part played by archetypes in organizing REALITY, opens the way to explaining the unity of Cosmos, understood as a communication of "everything with everything" by means of the informational halo.


- The laws of the phenomena discovered by science in various fields of the reality can be groupped according to the general degree of their application, in three large categories, which answer to different questions:
  • Universal laws , answering to the generic question WHY? (referring to causality);

  • Laws that are common to several fields, and answer to the question WHAT FOR? (referring to contextual interdependencies);

  • Specific laws attempting to answer as faithfull as possible the question HOW? (referring to processes).

These laws refer to three different levels of complexity out of which existence is organized:

  • Universal laws governing primary shapes and phenomena;

  • Common laws governing the complex interractions between various phenomena;

  • Specific laws describing in detail the development of phenomena.

The specific and the common laws refer to the dynamics of matter and fields, and differ according to their nature (for instance, the laws of various categories of living and non-living matter). The existance of universal laws that are valid in cosmos, in the human world AND in microcosmos proves their applicability regardless the nature of the substantial and energetic substratum or their spatial or temporal dimensions. Such laws refer to the fundamental natural forces: gravitational, electric, nuclear etc. The question we asked is: WHAT LIES TO THE BASIS OF THIS UNIVERSALITY? A possible answer we have given is that the universal laws belong to the informational aspect of the existence and are applied in the RST universe.


- REALITY is conceived today as being made of SUBSTANCE and FIELD. Both forms of existence have been demonstrated to "circulate, transform and develop". They have also been given the quality of information carriers. It is also said that information, in its turn, passes from one support to another, undergoing decoding - re-encoding processes. These processes take place at the level of some structures called transducers or, more general, interfaces. There have been discovered many encoding ways in the natural interfaces (for example the genetic code and the codes of nervous signals) and codes for the technological information have beed built.

In the radiating field of the bodies we have highlighted a natural informational code which describes an RST universe using archetypal shapes, at the level of body interfaces. Ubiquity and simultaneity of archetypal shapes and RST universal laws shows that the archetypal informational dimension of existence appears as a coexistence phenomenon, by means of similarity of archetypal shapes, communication being possible through a resonance, consonance phenomenon of the archetypal structures.

Comparatively to the circulation of information in a cybernetic system, in the integronic natural archetypal communication the system also behaves as a complex interface in the natural circuit of information.

Circulation of the archetypal information in the RST universe expresses the adapting processes by means of an archetypal informational control different from the feed-back and feed-before controls. This could mean TUNNING-COMMUNICATION by resonance, consonance (St. Odobleja, 1939), and INTEGRATION by coexistence (C.Guja, 1987).

In our EG research we have discovered, in the radiating fields of the living and non-living objects, the presence of some shapes of electric signals which suggest shapes that exist everywhere in nature, the most frequent being: globes, ramnifications and floral shapes. They seem to represent an archetypal natural code expressing the informational content and its degree of complexity. The organization is layered, and between the layers there are levels of communication acting like interfaces where signal encoding and decoding takes place.


Our theoretical and experimental EG researches are concerned with the problem of informational processes, its circulation and regulation between various systems of nature, under natural, free conditions, focusing on the natural significance and role of these processes and on the study of information transmitting codes in nature.
We have found an universe having archetypal dimensions, regardless space and time - RST. This universe is one of qualities, shapes, structures and possible complexities. Selection, adaptation and integration are qualitative phenomena also belonging to the archetypal dimension. In other words, our physical universe, with its well-known four dimensions, reflects through the RST dimension another aspect, informational-archetypal, of the corpuscle-wave complementarity. We are opening the perspective to decode an universal code of a "cosmic genetics", the information being written in a language expressing the succession of evolutive states of the natural phenomena.