Professional Information

Highest education:
-Mathematics and Physics College - University of Bucharest (1956-1961);
-College of Biology - University of Bucharest (1968-1972);

-Vegetal, animal and human Biophysics (1968, 1970, 1972);
-Neurophysiology (1971);
-Biostatistics and Bioinformatics (1974);
-Neuropsychiatry (1986);

Doctoral studies: in Biology, specialty - Anthropology;

Main specialty: Biophysics and Physiology;

Field of activity at present: Medical Anthropology, Physilogical Anthropology;

Present position:
-Scientific researcher, 1stdegree, at the "Francisc I.Rainer" Anthropological Research Center of the Romanian Academy;
-Professor at the Ecological University ("Universitatea Ecologica") of Bucharest, Psychology and Cognitive Sciences College.

Research fields:
-Medical Anthropology;
-Anthropological Physiology and Biophysica;
-Anthropology of the Individual.