"Francisc I. Rainer"Anthropological Research Centre

    Bd. Eroii Sanitari nr. 8, P.O.Box, 35-13, 76241, Bucharest, Romania.
    Tel./Fax:     (004)-01-212.66.63,
    E-mail:    rainer@sunu.rnc.ro

Fr.I. Rainer Anthropological Research Centre of the Romanian Academy is the single institution with such profile in Romania. We engage in research in paleoanthropology, biological anthropology (medicine, development, genetics, ethology), and cultural anthropology (sociology, ethnology, linguistics, philosophy). We edit two journals: Studii si cercetari de antropologie, since 1952, in Romanian, and Annuaire Roumain d'Anthropologie, since 1964, in English and French. However we encourage our staff to collaborate with overseas institutions and scholars, and communicate results in well established journals. The Centre hosts one of the largest osteological collection in Europe, including contemporary and paleoanthropological items. Our library is unique in its profile in Romania. 

Laboratory of Physiology, Biophysics and Individual Anthropology

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