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  • Mesolithic, Neolithic and feudal populations
Nicolae Miritoiu
Biological anthropology
and ethology
  • Anthropological study of the contemporary Romanian populations, with an emphasis on the impact of the transition to post-communist period.
  •  Anthropological aspects regarding the relationships between biological age and chronological age in children and adolescents.
  •  Anthropological Atlas of Romania
  •  The study of factors influencing the dynamics of growth and development.
  •  Historical demography.
  •  Aggression and conflict management in humans and nonhuman primates.
  •  Nonverbal communication.
Dr. Maria Vladescu
Dr. Ioan Oprescu
Medical anthropology
I. Auxology
  • Anthropological methods of evaluating the health status of Romanian population.
  •  The facial expression in anthropology from birth to death : a clinical investigation of medical anthropology. Cultural, pathological, and mixed determining factors.
  •  Complex anthropological investigations on the adolescent: anthropometric, biochemical, serological, morphological, typological, psychological and socio-economical data, and the correlation between hormonal levels and constitutional features.
  •  Biochemical research on populations, with medical implications. 
Dr. Cristiana Glavce
Medical anthropology 
II. Genetics and 
anthropology of family
  • Methodological contributions to the study of the inheritance of polifactorical characters (anthropometrical and morpho-physionomic).
  •  Bio-medical research on the longevive population
  •  Paternity expertise
  •  The pathology of dermatoglifs and its medical implications.
Dr. Corneliu Vulpe
Medical anthropology 
III. Psycho-medical 
  • Borderline psychological disturbance, psychopathological vulnerability in urban population, and the psychological fragility in adolescence and young adulthood during the post-communism transitional period in Romania.
Dr. Elena Radu
Medical anthropology 
IV. Electro-physiology
  • Interdisciplinary studies of electro-physiological anthropology. Correlations between the electro-physiological typology, reactivity to illness and adequate therapy.
  •  The evaluation of health through electrophysiological parameters (an original technique of paraclinical investigation).
Dr. Cornelia Guja
Social and cultural 
  • Social strategies and mentalities in Romanian villages
  • Socio-cultural correlations and morbidity, reflected in the inhabiting patterns of urban population living in blocs of flats.
  • Mentality patterns in traditional Romanian villages (collaboration with Ecole de Hautes Etudes en Sciances Sociales, Paris).
  • Value orientations among Romanians
  • Anthropology of knowledge
Dr. Gheorghita Geana
  • The anthropology of the cultural object.
  • Contributions to the hermeneutics of the contemporary cultural object.
  • Visual anthropology: the symbolism of matter in Constantin Brancusi's sculpture.
  • Symbolic values of iron in the contemporary society.
  • Identity as value.
  • Human fragility.
Dr. Matei Craciun

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