Laboratory of Paleo-anthropology


  •  N. Miritoiu
  •  A. D. Soficaru


Osteological Collections 

  •  Craniological collection Fr. I. Rainer: 6800 contemporary skulls (first  half of XXst century). It contains 150 skulls from children and adloescents.  3000 subjects have known identity (age, sex, place of birth, profession,  place of death, date and cause of death).
  •  The mesolithic osteological collection from Iron Gates (10 skulls and post-cranial  skelletons from 30 subjects).
  •  Neolithic osteological collection (150 skulls and post-cranial skelletons).
  •  Osteological collection from Iron age and Roman period (many skulls and  post-cranial skelletons from different archaeological sites in Romania).
  •  Osteological collections from Migration period (500 skulls and post-cranial  skelletons from different archeological sites).
  •  The collection of skulls artificially and intentionally deformed (70 skulls  from period between II-IX centuries A.D.).
  •  The collection of incinerated bones (approx. 1500 incineration burials  from copper age, iron age, Roman and Migration periods).


Research interests

  •  Paleoanthropology of post-paleolithical populations
  •  Methodology of determining sex and age
  •  Paleopathology
  •  Artificial and intentional deformation of the cranium
  •  Skull architecture (cranio-metrics)
  •  Epigenetic characters


Recent publications:

  •  N. Miritoiu & A. Soficaru, Considerations sur l'age de synostose de  la synchondrose spheno-occipitale chez un echantillonen promenance de la  collection craniologique "Fr. I. Rainer" - Bucharest, Ann. Roum. Anthropol.,  36, p.3-8, Bucharest, 1999.
  •  N. Miritoiu, Porotic hyperostosis in the free Dacians' necropolis at Poienesti  (Vaslui County): congenital hemolytic anemia or iron deficiency anemia?  Preliminary considerations, Ann. Roum. Anthropol., 29, p. 3-12, Bucharest,  1992.



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