The manuscripts should be carefully prepared, according to the instructions from the user guide.

The maximum allowed length for submitted manuscripts is 8 pages. Manuscripts should be written in Word DOC/DOCX format, with equations written using MathType or Word Equation-Editor (inline equation is preferred to be avoided).

A Latex template is also available, but only for manuscripts submitted to the Mathematics section and to the Physics section.

The editors reserve the right to reject any manuscript that is not completely legible or does not conform to the standards cited above and detailed in the user guide.

In case a paper is finally accepted, a copyright form will be mandatory to be signed, otherwise the paper cannot be published.

The address for manuscript submission and correspondence is:

Romanian Academy, Technical Sciences Department,
Calea Victoriei 125, RO-71102, Bucharest, Romania,
Phone +40 21-212-8660; Fax +40 21-211-6608;
E-mail: ,


copyright © Academia Romānă 2006

copyright © Academia Romānă 2006