Series B: Chemistry, Life Sciences and Geoscience 2020

Last Number 29.12.2020 No. 1 No. 2

No. 3


Volume 22, Issue 3 September - December 2020



Niculae Marilena, Chorology of Sedum Urvillei (Crassulaceae) along the Danube shores in Romanian Banat between Moldova Noua and Svinita) 123


Adina Brīndușa Baciu, Medical and social consequences of digital addiction 131


Nicolae Bucur and Constantin Ionescu-Tīrgoviste, High altitude currents and atmospheric pressure the cause of the seasonality of viruses, influenza, pandemics and other diseases 139
Irina Albadi, E. V. Ionescu, M.G. Iliescu and Gelu Onose, Clinical study regarding out comes of hydro-/ thermo-/ physio-kinesis therapy compared to those of physical-/ kinesis therapeutic procedures in spastic patients. Preliminary results 147
Rucsandra Elena Dćnciulescu Miulescu and Loreta Guja, Considerations about rickets and associated tooth pathology 165
Gelu Onose, Mihaela Oprea (Mandu), Andreea Cuculea, Cristina Popescu and Constantin Munteanu, Our experience and lessons learned from organizing Congresses of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine and Balneology specialty – with international participation – with European CME credits quasi-universally transferable, and as a premiere, this year: online 171
Pavelina Mihaela Andrei and Constantin Ionescu-Tīrgoviște, The pathophysiology of COVID-19 disease in diabetes mellitu 183
Adrian Restian, COVID-19 pandemic came over a chronic disease pandemic and an information society 187


Constantin Ionescu-Tīrgoviște, History of diabetes mellitus in Romania 199
Proc. Rom. Acad., Series B, 2020, 22(3), p. 121-212
copyright © Academia Romānă 2006

copyright © Academia Romānă 2006