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08.06.2017 No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 No. 4 Special Issue

Mathematics, Physics, Technical Sciences, Information Science

Volume 18, Number 2

April - June 2017



1. Alina PETRESCU-NIȚĂ, Some numerical application of the pseudoinverses 101
2. Tudor BARBU, Ionuț MUNTEANU, A nonlinear fourth-order diffusion-based model for image denoising and restoration 108
3. Monica ROȘIU, On a class of Neumann problems on Klein surfaces 116


4. Renata JORA, Vacuum energy in some particular quantum field theories 124
5. Roxana DUDRIC, Firuta GOGA, Florin POPA, Romulus TETEAN, Effects of Gd doping on the magnetic properties and magnetocaloric effect of La1.4Ca1.6Mn2O7 131
6. Xin LI, Pseudo-periodic solutions of a new hyperchaotic system using the averaging theory 138
7. Anjan BISWAS, Abdul H. KARA, Luminita MORARU, Horia TRIKI, Seithuti P. MOSHOKOA, Shalow water waves modeled by the Boussinesq equqtion having logarithmic nonlinearity 144

Technical Sciences

8. Horia Alexandru PETRESCU, Anton HADĂR, Ștefan Dan PASTRAMĂ, Experimental program for impact tests on a honeycomb core composite material 150
9. Adrian Ioan DOGARIU, Dan DUBINA, Strengthening of masonry shear walls based on metal solutions. Part II: FE-model for the performance evaluation 158
10. Bogdan MARINCA, Vasile MARINCA, New exact and explicit solutions of the Zakharov equations and generalized Zakharov equations by the quotient trigonometric function expansion method 166
11. Mileta RISTIVOJEVIÆ, Tatjana LAZOVIÆ, Influence of kinematic parameters and tooth geometry on gear tooth root load capacity 174


12. Bogdan AMAN, Gabriel CIOBANU, Minimal ingredients for turing completeness in membrane computing 182



Proc. Ro. Acad., Series A, Volume 18, No. 2, pp. 99-188, Bucharest, 2017

copyright © Academia Română 2006

copyright © Academia Română 2006