Mathematics, Physics, Technical Sciences, Information Science

Volume 24, Number 4

October - December 2023




1. Wenjie WANG, A remark on *-Ricci parallelism on almost coKähler 3-manifolds 297
2. Ebrahim Analouei ADEGANI, Ahmad MOTAMEDNEZHAD, Teodor BULBOACĂ, Adam LECKO, On a logarithmic coefficients inequality for the class of close-to-convex functions 307
3. Raouf FAKHFAKH, New limit theorems related to Fermi convolution 313
4. Ismat BEG, Faces in convex metric spaces 321


5. Dimitar VALEV, Cosmological model free of singularity and inflation based on the large numbers hypothesis 329


6. Darius PLONIS, Raimondas POMARNACKI, Diana BELOVA-PLONIENĖ, Andrius KATKEVIČIUS, Vaiva RUSEN, Research of the WIFI/WIMAX patch type antenna on varying embedded material’s dimensions 339
7. Mohammed ER-RAKI, Safae HASNAOUI, Mohammed HASNAOUI, Abderrahim BAZGAOU, Mohamed BOURICH, Analytical, numerical and scale analysis study of thermal diffusion effect on free convection boundary layer flows in a slender porous layer 349
8. Amir KHANJANZADEH, Amin SOLEYMANI, Abdolhossein JOHARI, Novel Asymmetric/ Symmetric Half-Cascaded Multilevel Inverter for photovoltaic based shunt active power filter to mitigate power quality issues 361
9. Nicolae MUNTEAN, Octavian CORNEA, Dan HULEA, Mihăiță GIREADĂ, Dănuț VITAN, Contributions to the development of a new family of hybrid DC-DC converters 373


10. Zi MEI, Zhiqiang WANG, Zhiqiang LONG, Levitation system condition evaluation method based on weighted Hellinger distance 383
11. Jun CHEN, Fazhan TAO, Zhumu FU, Haochen SUN, Nan WANG, A heuristic-action-involved safe lane-change of autonomous vehicles with multiple constraints on road centerline and speed under highway environment 395



Proc. Ro. Acad., Series A, Volume 24, No. 4, pp. 295–408, Bucharest, 2023



copyright © Academia Română 2006

copyright © Academia Română 2006