Mathematics, Physics, Technical Sciences, Information Science

Volume 24, Number 1

January - March 2023




1. Raouf FAKHFAKH, Fermi convolution and variance function 3
2. Sizhong ZHOU, Quanru PAN, Lan XU, Isolated toughness for fractional (2;b;k)-critical covered graphs 11
3. Ismat BEG, Representation of a preference relation on convex metric spaces by a numerical function 19


4. Mahassen H. ELBLBEISI, Mohammed M. SHABAT, Study of solar cells structures based on perovskite and nanoparticles 27
5. Vitalie LUNGU, Marina-Aura DARIESCU, Circular geodesics in Mannheim-Kazanas spacetime 35
6. H. COMISEL, C. HATEGAN, R.A. IONESCU, H.H. WOLTER, On single particle states and resonances in multichannel reactions 43


7. Zhen WEI, Ke YANG, Litong DOU, Jiqiang ZHANG, Shuxin HE, Water effect on energy evolution and fractal characteristics of coal samples under impact loading 51
8. Rareş SAVA, Dragoş Alexandru APOSTOL, Dan Mihai CONSTANTINESCU, Evaluation of the mechanical behavior of 3D printed cellular metamaterials with special geometries 61
9. Dominiq JAKAB, Ioan MARGINEAN, Dan DUBINA, Robustness capacity of multistorey steel structures in case of fire after earthquake events 71


10. Tiantian LU, Yingsheng FAN, Yishi HAN, Huiyun CHEN, Guojun LI, Consensus tracking iterative learning control of second-order multi-agent systems 79
11. Qingchun ZHENG, Qipei LIU, Peihao ZHU, Hao SHI, Xiaoyang LI, Weld line structured light stripe center extraction approach based on data dimensionality reduction 93



Proc. Ro. Acad., Series A, Volume 24, No. 1, pp. 1–102, Bucharest, 2023



copyright © Academia Română 2006

copyright © Academia Română 2006