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Series B: Chemistry, Life Sciences and Geoscience

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2008 / No. 1 - 2

2008 / No. 3


Volume 10, Issue 3 September - December 2008


Plant physiology

  • Victor Bercea, Cristian Coman and Nicolae Dragoș, The inducement of chlorophyll fluorescence in state transitions under low temperature in the Mougeotia ALGA, Strain AICB560 (...)
  • Marius Robciuc and Anca Sima, Modulation of phospholipid and cholesteryl ester transfer activities by alpha-tocopherol administration in the hyperlipidemic hamster (...)
  • Camelia Stancu, Floarea Serbancea, Gabriela Botez and Anca Sima, The hypocholesterolemic effect of probiotics in the hyperlipidemic hamster (...)


  • Horia Vermesan, Radu Prejbeanu and Dinu Vermesan, The role of reconstructive surgical treatment of primary malignant bone tumors in improveing the quality of life of the neoplasic patient (...)
  • Cristian Căpitănescu, Claudiu Ștefan Turculeț, Zizi Niculescu, Adriana Căpitănescu, Victor Strâmbu, Gheorghe Manole, Bogdan Ștolică, Cătălin Cîrstoveanu and Emanuel Galatescu, Ovine antivenom for Vipera ammodytes (...)

  • Anca Botezatu, Iulia Iancu, Ileana Popa, Mariana Constantin, Natalia Cucu and Gabriela Anton, Epigenetic modifications of p16, E-cadherin, RARβ and DAPK gene promoters in breast cancer (...)

  • Cristina Daniela Goia, Anca Roxana Lupu, Coralia Bleotu, Constanța Antipa, Luminița Velt, Elena Popa, Gabriela Contantinescu, Mihaela Closca and Gabriela Anton, Correlation between pro- and anti-apoptotic gene expression and telomerase activity in B- cell lymphomas (...)
  • Manuela Anca Popescu and Olivia Popoviciu, The third molar – a dentistry topic requiring an interdisciplinary approach (...)

  • Constantin Ionescu-Tîrgoviște, Prolegomenon to the European Constitution Book of diabetes mellitus (...)
  • Octavian Savu and Constantin Ionescu-Tîrgoviște, Oxidative stress contributions to chronic complications in diabetes (...)
  • Sabina Oros, Olga Ianaș, Liviu Lerescu, Aurora Sălăgeanu, Mihaela Giurcăneanu, Suzana Vlădoiu and Constantin Dumitrache, Adipokines’ variations due to a lower caloric intake in endocrine obese patients associating the metabolic syndrome (...)


  • Manuela Popescu, Olivia Popoviciu, Cristina Stan, Andrei Soficaru, Nicolae Miritoiu and Cristiana Glavce, The condition of the dento-maxillary system in two historical ages. Anthropological study on skulls from the Mesolithic era and the early Middle Ages, discovered on Romanian territory (...)
  • Elena Radu and Luminița Oana Ciotaru, Antropology of the Turkish and Tartar population in South Dobrugja (...) [tabele]
  • Maria Știrbu, Georgeta Miu and Maria Istrate, On the main dimensions and cephalo-facial conformations of teenagers from the urban and rural areas of Iași, and their time-induced modifications (...) [tabele]



  • Haralambie Savu, Lamprophyres from the Pre-Variscan South Carpathian granitoid province, Romania: geochemical data and origin (...)
  • Elena Radu and Luminița Oana Ciotaru, Antropology of the Turkish and Tartar population in South Dobrugja (...)


Plant’s chemistry

  • Daniela Hanganu, Neli Olah, Nina Dubei and Angela Mărculescu, Phytochemical studies on Chenopodium bonus henricus L. (Chenopodiaceae) (...)

Soil Science

  • Roxana Madjar and Velicica Davidescu, A substrate based on grape marc compost used in some ornamentals culture (...)


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copyright © Academia Română 2006