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Series B: Chemistry, Life Sciences and Geoscience

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2009 / No. 1

2009 / No. 2 - 3


Volume 11, Issue 2-3, May - December 2009


  • Sonja Stefanov, Mirjana Vojinovic Miloradov, Slobodan Sokolovic and Simon Bancov, Monitoring of industrial pollutants in oil and petrochemical industry (...)


  • Laura Toma, Gabriela Botez, Camelia Stancu and Anca Sima, HDL3 decrease the oxidative and inflammatory stress induced by AGE-LDL in human endothelial cells (...)


  • Costin Cernescu, Lessons from the AH1N1 2009 influenza pandemic (...)
  • Loredan Niculescu, Laura Toma, Olga Ianăș and Anca Sima, Functional polymorphisms of APOE and CETP genes in aged people from Romania. Association with cognitive impairment (...)
  • Valentin-Veron Toma, Contributions of medical anthropology to the psychiatric practice: cultural and linguistic competence in mono- and multicultural societies (...)

  • Norina Consuela Forna, Aspects of the bioactive implants involved in periointegration concept (...)

  • Norina Consuela Forna, Clinical aspects of therapeutical solutions involves in oral rehabilitation of partially edentulous patients (...)
  • Norina Consuela Forna, Non-invasive methods of paraclinical evaluation of the young partially edented patient (...)


  • Haralambie Savu, Genesis of the Carpathian ophiolitic suture and origin of its varied magmatic rocks, Romania (...)


  • Mircea Săndulescu, The geotectonic framework of a peculiar seismogenetic area – The Vrancea seismic zone (Romanian Carpathians) (...)


  • Nicolae Atanasiu, Luisa Man and Cătălin Trifan, The Sarmatian volcanic clasts in sedimentary sequences from Râmnicul Sărat basin - sources and depocenters (...)


Soil Science

  • Roxana Madjar and Velicica Davidescu, The total soluble salts content and the phosphorus mobility dependent on applied fertilizer and of pH variation in substrate (...)
  • Monica Roman, Monica Potrovita, Angela Mărculescu, Mihaela Badea, Patrizia Restani and Luca Bucchini, Food allergies and egg allergens (...)
  • Isabela Crăciun, Emil Ignat, Angela Mărculescu, Mihaela Badea, Liviu Gaceu, Patrizia Restani and Luca Bucchini, Risk management for food allergens in cereals and derivatives (...)

copyright © Academia Română 2006

copyright © Academia Română 2006