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15.02.2018 No. 1 Special Issue No. 2 No. 3 No. 4

Mathematics, Physics, Technical Sciences, Information Science

Volume 19, Number 1

January - March 2018




1. Vlad Stefan BARBU, Alex KARAGRIGORIOU, Vasile PREDA, Entropy and divergence rates for Markov Chains. II. The weighted case 3
2. Grigore CIUREA, A nonstandard approach of Helly’selection principle in complete metric spaces 11
3. Kui Biao DENG , Xiao Bo WEI, Yi Yan KONG, Chun Lai LI, Dynamical analysis of an non-©il’nikov chaotic system 18


4. Vaidotas KA®UKAUSKAS, Rokas GARBAČAUSKAS, Slavomir SAVICKI, Electrically active trapping states slowing recombination in thallium bromide crystals at low temperatures 27
5. Mihail MIREA, Aureliu SANDULESCU, Angular momenta and momentum of inertia within the woods-saxon two-center shell model 33
6. Anjan BISWAS, Abdul H. KARA , Rubayyi T. ALQAHTANI , Malik Zaka ULLAH , Houria TRIKI , Milivoj BELIC, Conservation laws for optical solitons of Lakshmanan-Porsezian-Daniel model 39
7. Xiao-Jun YANG, New rheological problems involving general fractional derivatives with nonsingular power-law kernels 45
8. Virgil-Florin DUMA, Alexandru SCHITEA, Laser scanners with rotational Risley prisms: exact scan patterns 53
9. Pengfei LI, Dumitru MIHALACHE, Symmetry breaking of solitons in PT-symmetric potentials with competing cubic-quintic nonlinearity 61

Technical Sciences

10. Bogdan MARINCA, Vasile MARINCA, Approximate analytical solutioms for thin film flow of a fourth grade fluid down a vertical cylinder 69
11. Aurora Felicia CRISTEA, Simion HARAGĀŖ, The lubricants influence in transmission of vibration and noises from aluminium injection machines 77


12. Radu CHIS, Adrian FLOREA, Claudiu BUDULECI, Lucian VINTAN, Multi-objective optimization for an enhanced multi-core SNIPER simulator 85



Proc. Ro. Acad., Series A, Volume 19, No. 1, pp. 1-94, Bucharest, 2018



copyright © Academia Romānă 2006

copyright © Academia Romānă 2006