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15.06.2018 No. 1 Special Issue No. 2 No. 3 No. 4

Mathematics, Physics, Technical Sciences, Information Science

Volume 19, Number 2

April - June 2018




1. Jiashang Jiang, A sufficient condition for all fractional [a; b]-factors in graphs 315
2. Irina BĂNCESCU, Comparing the expected system lifetimes of k-out-of-m system using transmuted-g distributions 321
3. Tudor BARBU, Second-order anisotropic diffusion-based framework for structural inpainting 329


4. Aurelian ISAR, Asymptotic quantum correlations in open quantum systems 337
5. Vasile POPESCU, Spectral and amplitude sensitivities of the H11 mode in a hollow-core bragg fiber with a gold layer  345
6. Eugen M. ANITAS, Azat M. SLYAMOV, Small-angle scattering from deterministic mass and surface fractal systems 353
7. Dumitru BALEANU, Jihad H. ASAD, Amin JAJARMI, New aspects of the motion of a particle in a circular cavity 361

Technical Sciences

8. Gheorghe MADESCU, Erhard BERWANGER, Marius BIRIESCU, Martian MOT, Fast analysis of MMF harmonics content in three-phase electrical machines  369
9. Daniel BELEGA, Dario PETRI, Dominique DALLET, Influence of the spectral image component on the amplitude and phase estimators provided by the interpolated DFT method  377
10. Mihai BEJAN, Structural efficiency on plastic composites 385
11. Chun-Qing Hu, Hong-Wu Song, Hai Liu, D.Banabic, Shi-Hong Zhang, Ming Cheng, Shuai-Feng Chen, A statistical model for contact orientation and anisotropy in granular assemblies   393


12. Vasile PĂIS, Dan TUFIS, Computing distributed representations of words using the CoRoLa corpus  403



Proc. Ro. Acad., Series A, Volume 19, No. 2, pp. 313-410, Bucharest, 2018



copyright © Academia Română 2006

copyright © Academia Română 2006