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Mathematics, Physics, Technical Sciences, Information Science

Volume 20, Number 1

January - March 2019




1. Lina ZHANG, Nilpotent singular points and smooth periodic wave solutions 3
2. M. K. JAMIL, I. TOMESCU, General sum-connectivity index of trees and unicyclic graphs with fixed maximum degree 11
3. Mihai N. PASCU, Nicolae R. PASCU, Florența TRIPȘA, A new Bernstein-type operator based on Pólya’s urn model with negative replacement 19


4. A. S. CUCOANES, M. GUGIU, F. ROTARU, F. NEGOITA, L. TUDOR, S. KISYOV, C. MANAILESCU, V. NASTASA, Radiochromic film calibration at 9 MV accelerator of IFIN-HH 29
5. H. ELHADEDY, M. S. ABDEL LATIF, A. ELSONBATY, A. H. ABDEL KADER, Wenjun LIU, Qin ZHOU, Bright and dark solitons in optical materials with polynomial law nonlinearity 37
6. Sorina IFTIMIE, Corina BRADU, Anca DUMITRU, Carbon nanotubes and carbonized polyaniline nanostructures as 3d modified anode for microbial fuel cells 45
7. B. BITA, S. IFTIMIE, A. RADU, V.A. ANTOHE, D. COMAN, C. MIRON, D. STAICU, L. DAN, L. ION, S. ANTOHE, On the electrical and photo-electrical behavior of the photovoltaic cells based on polymeric and chlorophyll-a thin films 51
8. Laurentiu STOLERIU, Cristian ENACHESCU, Elastic model for spin crossover nanoparticles in matrices  59

Technical Sciences

9. Liviu MOLDOVAN, Adrian GLIGOR, Horatiu-Stefan GRIF, Dynamic Numerical Simulation of the 6-PGK Parallel Robot Manipulator 67
10. Cosmin Dănut BARBU, Nicolae SANDRU, Mathematical approach of the flat rolling problem and new aspects concerning the geometry of the deformation zone 77
11. Tudor SIRETEANU, Ana-Maria MITU, Adrian Ioan NICULESCU, Miroslav KOWALSKI, Antoni JANKOWSKI, Condition monitoring of vehicle dampers using shock excitation 87


12. Florin ROTARU, Silviu-Ioan BEJINARIU, Retinal vessel labelling method 97



Proc. Ro. Acad., Series A, Volume 20, No. 1, pp. 1-104, Bucharest, 2019



copyright © Academia Română 2006

copyright © Academia Română 2006