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21.12.2019 No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 No. 4

Mathematics, Physics, Technical Sciences, Information Science

Volume 20, Number 4

October - December 2019




1. Zhiren SUN, Sizhong ZHOU, All fractional (g,f)-factors in graphs 323
2. Mircea MERCA, A further look at a complete characterization of Ramanujan-type congruences modulo 16 for overpartitions 329
3. Sorin G. GAL, Constantin P. NICULESCU, Kantorovich’s mass transport problem for capacities 337


4. Daniela CRISTEA-STAN, Bogdan CONSTANTINESCU, Studies on pigments of religious mural paintings using a portable X-Ray Fluorescence spectrometer - The cases of Urechesti-Cicanesti Arges and Icoanei Bucuresti churches 347
5. M.G. Banciu, L. Nedelcu, T. Furuya, L. Hrib, D.C. Geambasu, L. Trupina, D. Pantelica, M.-D. Mihai, M. Tani, Experimental study of Terahertz response from some ferroelectric and dielectric materials 353
6. Dimitar VALEV, Evidence of Dirac large numbers hypothesis 361

Technical Sciences

7. Dan Mihai CONSTANTINESCU, Oana Alexandra MOCIAN, Marin SANDU, Ștefan SOROHAN, Low velocity impact response and damage characteristics of foam core sandwich panels with thin GFRP facesheets 369
8. Ciprian LAPUȘAN, Magdalena LAPUȘAN, Cornel BRIȘAN, Veturia CHIROIU, Aspects relating to development of modular design in mass customization production 377
9. Bogdan GHERMAN, Iosif BIRLESCU, Nicolae PLITEA, Giuseppe CARBONE, Daniela TARNITA, Doina PISLA, On the singularity-free workspace of a parallel robot for lower-limb rehabilitation 383
10. Sachin KUMAR, Prashant PANDEY, Subir DAS, E.-M. CRACIUN, Numerical solution of two dimensional reaction-diffusion equation using operational matrix method based on Genocchi polynomial - Part I: Genocchi polynomial and opperatorial matrix 393
11. Agne PAULAUSKAITE-TARASEVICIENE, Kristina SUTIENE, Laurynas PIPIRAS, Wooden dowels classification using convolutional neural network 401


12. Voichița DRAGOMIR, Gheorghe M. ȘTEFAN, All-pair shortest path on a hybrid map-reduce based architecture 411



Proc. Ro. Acad., Series A, Volume 20, No. 3, pp. 321-415, Bucharest, 2019



copyright © Academia Romānă 2006

copyright © Academia Romānă 2006